K-6 Early Orthodontics

"K-6 Early Orthodontics" can greatly Reduce or Eliminate your child's time in teenage braces.

We don't just WAIT and WATCH for moderate or severe crowding and jaw mis-alignments in K-6 kids......We Treat to improve them and create space for the larger teeth that are coming.

It never costs more to treat early !! 
In our system, all money spent on early treatment is deducted from the cost of your child's teenage braces, and better yet, sometimes teenage treatment is not needed, thanks to early intervention!

            Signs your child may need early treatment:

> Crowding or NO space          > Chronic Mouth Breathing
   between front baby teeth      > You've been told
> Under-bites                                   your child will need
> Over-bites                                     extractions or jaw
> Cross-bites                                   surgery or will be a
> Age 8 or older and front              long difficult orthodontic
   4 top teeth are crowded or          case as a teenager
   straight, but no extra space
   is present around baby canines

Our "Early" treatment does not place hardware on permanent teeth for prolonged periods, usually less than 12 months; custom made clear retainers typically maintain the improvements until baby teeth are lost.

"Early" treatment is also called "Phase I" treatment typically occurring 2-4 years prior to "Phase II", teenage braces.

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