CENTRAL / I-17  OFFICE (East side access road between Bethany Home and Glendale)

6711  N. Black Canyon Hwy.
Phoenix, AZ 85015

(NOT mailing address, for mail use NORTHWEST office) 

Phone: 602-500-5007

fax: 623-362-0803

We are located at:
-East side of I-17 access road. 
-north of Bethany Home Rd. and south of Glendale Ave.
-from south on I-17 exit Bethany Home Rd. and take east side access road  north.
-from north on I-17 exit Glendale Rd. then left/east to 23 Ave. then  right/south on    23 Ave. to W. Octillo Rd., then right/west on W. Octillo Rd.  to I-17 access road,  then right/north on I-17 access road to second  building. 

FREE  Orthodontic Exam and Treatment Explanation and Low Quote in ONE visit!

Monday - Thursday 9 - 7          602-500-5007

*Please note; we rotate and are only at one office each day.