Welcome to the practice of Dr. David Sternsher DDS                                    

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Some of Our Advantages...
+ Patients are seen by same doctor, "Dr. Dave", every visit.
+ Braces are placed by Dr. Sternsher, himself, not an assistant or lab            technician/tray system.
+ Dr. Sternsher is very proud to know how to "Fix the Bite", not just    straighten the teeth. 
+ Non-Extraction Philosophy, where teeth are seldom pulled and only when  absolutely necessary, leading to Big and Broad Smiles!
+ Utilizing "Fast Braces", method to accelerate teen and adult cases.
+ Offering "K-6 Orthodonics", Early Treament to eliminate or greatly reduce  time that will be needed later in teenage braces.
+ Clear retainers are fabricated the same day braces are removed.
+ 4 Locations and modest offices contribute to Big Savings for you!

      FREE Orthodontic Exam, Treatment Explanation                               and Low Quote in ONE visit!

  Monday - Thursday 9 - 7          602-500-5007

*Please note; we rotate and are only at one office each day.